Digging some more in the Yard of Western Quarry I found these out of place dots / keys. After asking Mike & Walt found out they were used in a restoration project in Avalon  / Catalina. When I got them they were without a glaze but the Tile Studio found the job in a book and glazed them accordingly.

Round Avalon Dots
Round Avalon Dots

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I was digging around the yard and came across these pieces (separately). They were made for the restoration of the Wrigley Pool Coping on Catalina Island. I am looking for pictures of the project but no luck. If you are inclined please help me.


Pool Trough Restoration

Old School Wrigley Pool Coping Avalon
Unglazed Pool Coping Used in Restoration of Wrigley Pool

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Looking through some old books came across a project they have done. Who is they Walt & Mike, hope to share more about them in the future.

Here is a shot of the hall way in this 55, 000, 000.00 dollar home. Did it actually sell, not the point. Someone put that number on it. Where I live I need to put about 87 homes together to fetch 55, 000, 000.00! LINK HERE

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That old truck you see on the road. The rusty one. The one with dents. That one. Pick a year 71, 68, 98. You have seen them, the one that no matter the condition it is still working. Still producing. That is Western Quarry.

I need to ask more questions. Need to do more homework but this place has history it  is has repaired history & hope we will build a rich new story using www.artobrick.com has a distribution channel for its great products and designs.



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